Mobile Assignment Was A Home Run

This past week in J2150 we were sent out on mobile assignment with a hard deadline. I went out to cover the Mizzou baseball game against Arkansas Little Rock. Given the deadline, I wasn’t able to cover the entire game, but this was the most fun I’ve had doing an assignment. 

The game started at 4 and I was given 75 minutes to write a preview/recap of the game until then as well as get a quote from someone there. 

I got to the ballpark and found out all information needed for the preview: the starters, team records and Mizzou’s results from their last series. 

Jake Ring takes a pitch from the UALR pitcher on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 at Taylor Stadium in Columbia, Mo. Ring and the Tigers would later lose the game to the Trojans 4-3.

I found Alex Schiffer right before the game and took his quote and picture. The rest was easy as I was just writing baseball game notes in my phone. 

I wanted to write as much of the game as I could before I submitted my assignment. After the top of the fourth, it was around 5:10 and I needed to submit. 

I entered the picture of Schiffer and wrote the caption.  At this point it was 5:12 and I started panicking because I couldn’t find how to post it officially. With seconds (literally) on the clock my assignment officially posted at 5:14. 

I didn’t get a chance to submit the whole recap on my blog because of the deadline, but I later submitted the rest of it on the Mizzou sports blog I write for. Because of that, my editor now wants a series recap of the next baseball series. This mobile assignment not only helped my grade, but impressed my editor, so it’s a win-win. 

Though it was a little stressful at the end I now have a great feel for how deadlines work. Also I learned how valuable of a tool my phone is for reporting and I plan on taking advantage of it a lot more often now. 


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