Mizzou Tigers Get Ready For UALR

The No. 14 Missouri Tigers baseball team returns home after an impressive weekend in Knoxville, TN by taking two of three from the Volunteers.  Today’s game against the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is the Tigers’ first midweek game since losing to No. 11 Illinois on March 31st. 

Mizzou continues to impress and surprise the conference with a 24-12 record, and are second in the SEC East behind Vanderbilt for the division lead.  The Trojans 12-18 under first year coach Chris Curry. 

MU journalism student Alex Schiffer admits he was surprised by the Tigers’ success. “At some point I was just expecting them to start losing and the party, but they continue to take care of business.”  

Alex Schiffer enjoys Tuesday’s baseball game against UALR at Taylor Stadium in Columbia, Mo on April 14th. Schiffer admits baseball is his favorite sport.

On the mound today is Columbia native John Miles, who was slated to pitch last Thursday against UT but was scratched because of an illness. The senior is 1-1 on the year with a 2.88 ERA. Miles’ counterpart is Reed Willenborg, a sophomore with an 0-2 record and a high 5.40 ERA. 

UALR got on the board in the first inning with some help from the Tigers. An error and a couple of hits gave the first run of the game to the Trojans 1-0. 

Mizzou had a golden opportunity in the second by drawing two walks, but three flyouts sent the Tigers back empty handed. 

The Tigers went down in order in the bottom of the third. UALR lead 1-0 after 3. 

Going into the bottom of the fourth, the Tigers have had two base runners and zero hits. 


4 thoughts on “Mizzou Tigers Get Ready For UALR

  1. Let me just say that the photos that you took were really good! They fit your story very well! I also like how you did a play through of the game in the post, as it informs people what happened even though they weren’t present. The only thing that I would’ve wanted out of this post was for an interview with someone who is involved with sports. The quote you gave was from a journalism student, and while they still may be involved with sports, I would’ve wanted to hear from someone who was actually part of the game. But, besides that, I felt like this was a very good sports blog post!


  2. Good caption and use of AP style format. The picture of the teams picture is very stretched out, which obviously does not look good, but both pictures were good representations of your topic. You also had very good in game analysis.


  3. The blog content was good, but the ending seemed like more of a cut-off rather than a conclusion to the story. I feel there could have also been a better picture of Alex Schiffer, and you’re missing one photo caption, and the other photo caption is not in AP style. Overall, the blog was great, just needs a little work.


  4. +++ I like how, whereas everyone else’s story was a straight-up news/feature story, yours followed more of an update format, which we’ve learned about a fair amount in lecture. It’s interesting to see in practice, and I like that approach, especially with how fitting it is for a baseball game. Also, props for giving context to the game in your introductory sentences, before going into more basic statistics later on.

    — I know the WordPress app isn’t always reliable format-wise, but Schiffer’s photo is awkwardly stretched on the site, leading to a bit of difficulty in reading and a break-up of the story. Not that it’s really a criticism given the time restriction of the assignment, but for a real sports post, the description should cover beyond just the first half of the game so the readers aren’t left hanging.


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