An Introductory Project: Seeing Red

Entering my third week of my J2150 class, I’m finally starting to learn and use the camera. I have a good project to get my feet wet with the equipment. I have to go out and take several pictures of something red, and make sure that’s the focus of the picture.

This assignment requires that I must submit three pictures with captions. All three must be of something red that’s different from one another. There’s plenty of red that catches my eye, so finding something creative shouldn’t be an issue.

I will be taking the pictures from all different angles, like a birds-eye or worms-eye view. Being that I’m the photographer, I make the decision on how I want the photo to be set up.

After I feel like I’ve taken enough quality pictures, I will go back and select the best three pictures. From there, I will be writing a proper caption for each picture. The caption look like something I’ll see in a professional online news story.

I’m excited to actually go out and do create something that’s truly my own. It’s not like taking good notes and doing well on a test. There are guidelines but there is no “right” way to go about being creative taking pictures and making captions.

This is just some practice to what looks like a lot of work ahead of me, but it’s a good opportunity to familiarize myself with the equipment I’ll be using.

apple bushel


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