J2150: Expectations For The Class

Entering my fourth semester at MU, and second as a journalism student, I couldn’t be more excited to get to work and learn. After my first J2150 class, I felt a little overwhelmed but I realize that this class will be a process.

For my own personal expectations, I expect to be totally familiar with how all the equipment works and master the software. I may have some knowledge on how they work, being that I’m apart of MUTV Sports, but I’m still relatively new and I haven’t done enough to be considered an expert on it.

I hope that I will not stress out if I do not fully grasp it right away. I know I’ll struggle at some point, but I expect that all my work will be challenging but not unmanageable. I have four other classes, but I think this class will take up the most time.

I expect Prof. Johnson will be there to point me in the right direction when I’m at a crossroads in my work. One of my resolutions for the semester is to ask questions when I don’t understand something. After two classes, I can tell she is going to make us follow her guidelines strictly, but will be fair if we put in the work and doing our best.

This class is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of multimedia journalism. Mastering the software and the equipment, plus going out and doing a lot of work on my own will only help jump-start my journalism career.


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